Monday Musings #2: Reading and Writing changes lives

April is National Poetry Month and as I love both, I thought I would join in the celebration. In perusing my old journals, I ran across an essay I had written in college years ago. The sentiment shared still holds true for me today. Here’s an excerpt of that paper:  

“Reading and writing have always been paramount in my life. As a child I dealt with my share of trauma: divorce, parental addiction, domestic violence, sexual abuse, abandonment, death of my mother, death of a sibling, a stepfamily, relocations, and more. Reading and writing became my solace and my escape. A person who can read and write can go anywhere, be anyone, and do anything. For me, writing became a means by which I could express all my complicated emotions, escape my reality, and disappear into a better one.”

Julie Smith

Leafing through my poetry and journals is both emotional and satisfying. Through the words I can trace the highs and lows of my development, relive the angst, and celebrate the triumphs. With pen and paper, I have in a very real way, charted my own evolution.  

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For those who don’t journal, may I suggest that you begin? Even a few lines jotted down now and then, will over time, become a tapestry depicting the story of YOU.

So, CHEERS to all the books that have educated, enlightened, and enlarged my world. And CHEERS to all of us who, taking pen to paper, help shape the world for future generations.

Below are two original poems written by me and published in the Mid-Rivers Review

Original free verse poem published in the Mid-Rivers Review.

Original poem published in the Mid-Rivers Review.

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