Physician Fun Facts

  • During the Holocaust, Polish doctors Eugene Lazowski and Stanisław Matulewicz saved 8,000 Jews by creating a fake Typhus epidemic. The Germans quarantined the area instead of risking outbreaks by sending them to concentration camps.
  • Physicians work an average of 1.5 times more hours per week than the average American.
  • It would take 54 years to complete the work that a doctor does in 36 years.
  • Over one-fourth of all active United States doctors were educated abroad.
  • 21% percent of married physicians report that their spouse is also a doctor. However, 26% state that their partner is not a medical doctor but does work in the healthcare field.
  • 73% percent of doctors report having religious or spiritual beliefs. Of this group, 76% agree that their beliefs help them to cope with the stress of their profession.
  • There are around 92,000 ER visits annually in the United States.
  • Trampolines are a leading cause of injury and even death for children under the age of fourteen.
  • A nurse wanted to know if her farts were contaminating equipment in the lab. The doctor and a microbiologist tested the hypothesis by having a colleague fart clothed then naked onto two Petri dishes. The conclusion was that clothing acts as a filter, but naked farts can cause contamination.